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So you have a great idea for an app that you would like to develop. It's that app you’ve been thinking about for quite a while. Or maybe you want to create a service you wish you could buy but nobody’s thought about or even created it yet.

You have an idea you know will change lives. Or there’s an investor who would like to see a working example of your app before they start investing. Maybe you're just trying to validate your idea with users, but you don't know where to start. 

That’s where I come in. I'm here to help you go from idea to clickable prototype. I'll work with you to get your idea ready to pitch to investors, present to subscribers, customers, beta testers, or to send to your developers to build and implement. And I’ll do it in only four weeks. Learn how below.

Week 1 -
The Discovery Phase


I will help you define and articulate your product. I will look at the market and your competitors’ offerings. Together, we will analyze how others solve users' needs, fill in the market demand, and establish business goals. I will assist in defining your product's key differentiators so we can articulate and translate to users why your product is better and why they should use your product instead of your competitors’ products.

This week includes establishing key personas, which represent the model of your users and will help to frame your product in their context. In the same week, we try to identify potential challenges we could face. We turn those into opportunities by applying the "How Might We" approach to Design Thinking Sessions. In most cases, challenges are nothing more than opportunities in disguise.a

Week 2 -
The Information Architecture and User Journey Mapping Phase

I will advise and help you create the proper structure of your product's features and information using information architecture, or sometimes referred to as information hierarchy. This step improves navigation, product understanding, and overall usability of your product.

The same week, I will create user flow mapping to outline the user’s journey from the starting point to the last interaction in the application. If everything looks good, and you approve, we're ready to move to the next step.


Week 3 -
The Building Wireframes and Start of the Visual Design of your App Phase


I will create low-fidelity wireframes for every page included in the user journey we created last week. Those wireframes serve as the base for the final visual design of your application. Since this is a wireframe, we do not focus on colors, which allows us to focus on the actual content that you will serve to users during their journey. This method allows us to optimize the user’s experience.

In the same week, I will start working on the visual design for the app, based on the screens I built as wireframes.

Week 4 -
The Wrapping up the Design and Building the Clickable Prototype Phase

After wrapping up the design of the screens, the final step is to add interaction, which connects the screens of the app in the journey that your users will experience when using your application. The end result of my work is a clickable prototype that allows your users, or investors, to get a real sense of how your app will look and feel in the hands of a customer.

At the end of four weeks, you can take your clickable prototype and test it with users, show it to investors or send it to developers to start implementing. With that in mind, you now have a bootstrapped start in the product world!


Remember, working on a product is never finished.

A product lives and evolves with your customers and grows with their needs and all the market changes around us.


A clickable prototype with up to 25 screens, which solves most use cases.
I can design additional screens, but as a top-up to the regular service, priced at $200 per screen.




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