I offer a unique approach to UI/UX Design and Consulting. When you hire me, I’ll take a pragmatic approach to help you achieve your goals, be it increasing conversion rates and revenue, improving the user experience from start to finish, or incrementally improving how you provide services to your users to help them achieve their goals.

Here are a few examples of using my pragmatic approach:

  • Do the research phase when it makes sense.
  • Do the minimum research needed, then build, then test with customers.
  • Do the research that really matters.

Most people fall into one of these categories:

  1. No research, they just build on assumptions
  2. Let’s do a lot of research, let’s learn everything that has to be learned about this topic, then after that we start doing something

Research shows that if you research a topic with five customers, you get 85% of the problems you need to solve. It’s better to run three separate researches with five customers than one topic with 15 customers.

Instead of spending money and time for two months to research, build and then test with customers and make incremental changes.

For example, I’ve seen a lot of companies spend $25-$30k per month with a research agency first. And that was for minor adjustments like making copy changes. So what happened? When the application went live to customers, the application still wasn’t clear to the end-user.
This resulted in tens of thousands of dollars wasted.

Here’s one example of my approach in practice:

Can be in language, recovery, in the way your systems interact with the end customer. For example, instead of saying “you cannot add this to your cart” add “this item is out of stock” and offer 5-10 similar items they can add to their cart.

Over the course of making incremental changes to your application or website, you’ll see a significant increase in conversion rates, revenue and overall customer satisfaction.


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