My work on UX Strategy,
UX and UI Consulting, and Product Design

My passion is to develop your ideas into digital products people will love and come back to time and time again.

Below you'll learn how I helped a major airline in UAE with their user interface and user experience design. Through extensive research where I interacted with and interviewed actual users for these clients, I was able to collect information on how they want to use these applications. I also discovered where the pain points are in the existing user experience and developed proven deliverables these airlines could use to improve their employee experience.

I've been fortunate to work with global brands and amazing people



Bistrian is one of the best Customer Experience consultants I've had the pleasure to work with: responsive, reliable, and particularly impactful.

He understands business challenges easily, surpasses expectations with clarity and a customer-oriented approach.

Bistrian was always ahead of our expectations when leading the whole process from discovery to asset delivery with passion and a results-oriented mindset.

The gold mine was in the consultancy, strategy, and approach to our day-to-day business. I could say the designs we had at the end were just a bonus.

Bistrian is relentless in his pursuit of customer delight, his focus, and his ability to focus on others around him.

Ana Ilie
Business Model Innovation


Bistrian is an analitycal person with a permanent focus on what matters most - achieving results for your business. He will go an extra mile if he believes he can get better results than you expected and his results driven opinions are clearly articulated as motivated. Bistrian manages to never lose from sight the goals of the project and his work is always done in established timeframe.

He's also a great communicator. Bistrian's usability process never stops asking the right questions. What looks like basic questions proves to be a core of his process and his capabilities of keeping a sharp eye for design, arranging the content in a comprehensible yet easy to follow workflow and at the same time designing a proper call to action strategy.

We've been working together on several projects along many years, both personal and business related and my expectations were always overcome. It's always a pleasure working with him and that feeling that your work is secured and in right hands is priceless.

Alexandru Popescu


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